Party Ice packaged ice

A modern production facility

Ice is food! We provide safe, high-quality, consumable ice.

With the ability of producing over 130 tons of ice per day, our modern production facility is equipped with automated handling equipment so that there is no human contact with the ice.

Before being made into ice – water passes through a series of filters and ultraviolet lights and then makes its way to the large Turbo Ice machines.

Ice is transferred from the Turbo Ice machines via stainless steel augers to a refrigerated storage room where it will 'cure' in one of two large 40-ton ice rakes until it is time to put it into bags. From the rake the ice travels through another line of stainless steel augers to an ice sizer to cut the larger pieces of ice into smaller ones. It then flows to a snow reel where excess snow is removed before moving onto the automated bagging equipment.

Party Ice production facility

Bags are then produced in 2.7KG, 9.09KG or 15KG sizes and stacked on a pallet, wrapped and placed in our large storage freezer before getting shipped to our retail customers throughout the Maritimes.

During production, each bag of ice is stamped with a lot number, this lot number allows us to locate any bag once it leaves our facility. If a recall was required for any reason we have the ability to locate the affected product at any retail location.

All of our packaged ice is tested in house during production. Further testing is completed by an outside lab to ensure only the highest quality packaged ice is manufactured and delivered to our customers.

For more information on our production, food safety procedures, and sustainability commitment please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Our quality production process featured on Maritime Made!

Party Ice is the largest manufacturer and distributor of packaged ice in the Maritimes.

Serving the Maritime provinces since 1994, Spring Water Inc. is the name behind the popular brands of Party Ice products that you enjoy each day.

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