Party Ice packaged ice

Packaged Ice

Welcome to Party Ice Online; we are the leading producer, marketer and distributor of high quality packaged ice products in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

2.7kg bag of ice

2.7 kg Bag

The most common size bag of ice, this is the type of bag you see at your local supermarket and convenience store. Available as NUGGET ice only. Minimum order may apply.

5kg ice bag

5 kg Block

About the size of a regular shoebox this block of ice lasts much longer than your regular bag of ice.

9kg bag of ice

9.09 kg and 15 kg Bags

The size of a regular sack of potatoes – this bag is most commonly used when the need arises to ice down more than just your cooler.

Available as NUGGET ice only. Minimum order may apply.

perfect cube ice bag

Perfect Cube Ice

The Prefect Cube is an innovative product made up of solid 1.25" x 1.25" ice cubes that are great for any beverage, especially those you want to maintain chilled, but not diluted.

Packaged in a 4 mil, 2.27 KG resealable bag helps maximize the life of the product when it is being stored at your favourite retailer or while in your home freezer. The Perfect Cube product is now available at select Nova Scotia retailers including Needs Fast Fuels, and can also be found in most ANBL Stores throughout New Brunswick.

Custom Ice Merchandisers

Ice Merchandisers

Party Ice packaged ice


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