Party Ice Packaged Ice

Party Ice is the largest manufacturer and distributor of packaged ice in the Maritimes.

Serving the Maritime Provinces since 1994, Spring Water Ice Inc., is the name behind the popular brands of Party Ice products that you enjoy each day.

Party Ice truck by the ocean

Party Ice brand products, are found in grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations almost everywhere in the Maritimes.

Our distribution system along with the industry’s highest food safety standards are what enable us to ensure our customers receive a consistent and dependable supply of quality ice products.

Party Ice has been a long-standing member of the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) and is the only member of the Canadian Association of Ice Industries (CAII) in the Maritime Provinces. With independent yearly audits from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), we are proud to provide high quality packaged ice products to our customers.

With regular product testing and auditing, we stand alone in providing our customers with the highest quality ice products while adhering to the most strict food safety guidelines.


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